Why Choose Us   Top 5 reasons

Ideal location in Dublin

Dublin, the capital of the Republic of Ireland, is the country’s largest city. Situated on the east coast overlooking Dublin Bay, it is a vibrant, modern metropolis that preserves much evidence of its rich history. Dublin is the hub of business, sport and culture in the country and attracts thousands of visitors every year.

Kenilworth Language Institute boasts two of Dublin’s most prestigious locations. Our Dublin 2 centre, which lies just a few steps from one of Dublin’s most famous thoroughfares, Grafton Street, is nestled in the heart of bustling bohemian environs surrounded by specialist shops, restaurants and bars. However,  if it is a break from the pace of city life that you are looking for, our Dublin 6 centre has it all.  Located in the leafy suburbs of the city, just 10 minutes by bus from the attractions of the centre, Kenilworth D6 offers a vista of wide avenues and parks that hark back to grander times.


A record of welcoming students from all over the world since 1996

Since September 1996, we have had the pleasure of working with learners from all walks of life and every corner of the world to help them improve their English and achieve their personal and professional goals.

Internationally recognised

We are fully accredited by the Department of Education (via QQI) and MEI , which means that the quality of our teaching and support services is fully assured.

Friendly, dedicated support staff

We pride ourselves on our warm atmosphere and friendly staff. Whether you are applying for your visa, trying to find somewhere to live or just need directions to the local shops, our support staff will do their utmost to assist you.

Competitively-priced, year-round English language courses

We have a wide range of English language courses on offer: from General English to one-to-one bespoke courses geared to individuals with more specific needs. These quality courses come at a highly competitive rate which we think offers a great deal of value for money.


The mission of Kenilworth Language Institute is to provide high-quality English courses in a friendly welcoming environment.  We want to get the best out of each individual student.  Our aim is to give our students the chance to improve their language skills explore different cultures (and share their own) develop personally and professionally We are […]

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide high-quality English courses in a friendly welcoming environment.

We are responsive to each individual and will support them here in Ireland and afterwards. We strive to recruit the best teachers and we believe that a motivated, committed staff is the best resource for students and for the success of our school.